The key to success of our biometric identity management solutions lies in the unique and high quality biometric technologies developed at GenKey. GenKey’s technologies include image acquisition and template generation technologies, ultrafast biometric matching technologies and template protection technologies that allow for safe storage of biometric data. These technologies ensure the highest levels of accuracy, speed and security required for large-scale Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS) and identity management applications.

The patented and proven technologies that make up GenKey’s biometric solutions are available as software development kits (SDKs):


A software development kit that can be integrated in registration software to ensure the highest quality of fingerprint image capture in the enrollment process. Key functionalities include fingerprint detection, fingerprint segmentation, fingerprint quality assessment, biometric template generation and local matching/deduplication.

A software development kit that performs ultrafast biometric matching based on generating and comparing binary templates. The FastAFIS® SDK is used in a large-scale AFIS system.

A state-of-the-art minutiae-based fingerprint matching technology. The BioFinger software development kit is used in a large-scale AFIS system.

BioHASH® is a solution to biometrically encrypt fingerprint data using standard off-the-shelf cryptographic hash technology. This ensures that the biometric image is never exposed and matching is done in the encrypted domain. BioHASH®-protected templates comply with the ISO/IEC 24745 standard on Biometric Information Protection.

A software development kit that is used to generate and verify medical claim codes. The generated Claim Verification Code acts as a proof that the member who received benefits was indeed physically present when the claim code was created.

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GenKey’s technology is compliant with the ISO/IEC 24745 standard for Biometric Information Protection and the ISO 19794 standard that describes data exchange formats for fingerprints.

GenKey’s WSQ (Wavelet Scalar Quantization) implementation received the FBI WSQ 3.1 certification.

GenKey Resources

The Biometric Template Protection technology that is integrated in GenKey’s BioHASH® products is described in several publications.