Biometric Registration

GenKey's Enrollment SDK is a software development kit that can be integrated in registration software to ensure the highest quality of fingerprint image capture in the enrollment process.
Together with partners, GenKey delivers Registration Kits that offer an all-in-one solution to capture the biographic and biometric information of individuals even under challenging environmental conditions.

Biometric Consolidation

GenKey SPiRE ID Management provides a solution to securely store and efficiently process, retrieve and maintain the biographic enrollment data of individuals, in a central repository.
GenKey's Adjudication solution is a web-based application that supports a human decision process on supposed duplicate subjects in the ABIS database.

Biometric Deduplication

GenKey ABIS Deduplication is a tool suite to set up a fast and accurate centralized deduplication or identification system.

Biometric Validation

GenKey works with various providers to deliver Verification Terminals that offer a compact, robust and easy-to-use solution to biometrically verify individuals.