ABIS. So fast, it’s industry leading.

What’s ABIS?

For any identification system to be reliable, it’s essential that there’s only one unique ID for every person registered. We call this 1=1 (one person = one identity). But in a registration process involving millions of people, duplicate identities can enter the system. It’s the job of GenKey’s ABIS to detect them, using fingerprint and other biometric data.

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Core functions of ABIS.

1. Deduplication (N:N)
Checks for duplicate identities while new subjects are added.
2. Identification (1:N)
Searches for an identity.
3. Verification (1:1)
Verifies a claimed identity and delivers results in real time, anywhere.

5 facts about GenKey’s ABIS.

1. Ultra-fast.

The processing speed of GenKey’s ABIS, reaching 1 billion fingerprint matches per second per CPU, goes way beyond the market standard. The unparalleled speed and accuracy, powered by GenKey’s patented FastAFIS® and BioFinger® technologies, deliver highly reliable results, in real-time.

2. Label independent matching.

Unlike standard systems, GenKey’s ABIS supports Label Independent Matching. This means that it detects duplicate fingerprints even if they’ve entered the register with the wrong label. It’s a vital safeguard against human error or fraud in the registration process.

3. Multi-modal.

GenKey’s ABIS is designed for multiple biometric modalities, including iris and vein as well as fingerprints. This further increases the accuracy of the system, providing additional biometric information for people who have low quality fingerprint data (for example, through manual labour or loss of fingers). In addition, our ABIS can deduplicate biographic information for people with no usable fingerprints.

4. Secure and reliable.

Our ABIS supports complete isolation between biographic and biometric data. All biometric data is encrypted, using strong multi-factor security. With safety features such as full redundant functionality, quick restart capability and full disaster recovery, it’s capable of handling power outages and interruptions in network connections.

5. Human adjudication.

GenKey’s ABIS goes a long way to detecting possible duplicate identities, but the final decision is human. The software-assisted adjudication process enables operators to review and validate potential duplicates. Plus, the easy-to-use web-based application can be configured to the needs of each situation, allowing multiple levels of adjudication, validation and approval.

Built to last.
Lower maintenance

ABIS uses commercially available, off-the-shelf components, ensuring costs are kept low.


Changes to biographic and biometric data can happen continuously without delay or rebooting.


ABIS uses standard communication and networking protocols with a REST interface, making it easy to integrate.

Easy to use

Our ABIS workflow application is easy to use and can be accessed anywhere, using a secure web interface.

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