Helping credit bureaus reduce fraud.

Enroll Solution

Point-of-sale registration, anywhere.

The process of enrollment is quick and easy. A customer’s (borrower’s) biometric data is registered, along with any relevant ID card and biographic information. On completion of the process, the customer is automatically assigned a Unique Member Number (UMN), which is directly linked to the credit bureau’s credit report.

GenKey’s registration devices operate at point-of-sale locations and are easy for banks and credit providers to integrate into their sign-up or application process. They’re also lightweight and mobile, enabling registration to happen at any location.

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1=1 Solution

Managing the register.

GenKey’s 1=1 Solution is the central identity management hub. It runs continuously, updating new and existing registrations. A core part of this solution is our industry leading ABIS deduplication software that ensures the uniqueness of every person registered, assigning them a Unique Member Number (UMN). This number is used to verify the identity of customers, irrespective of the number of credit/loan applications.

In addition, GenKey’s 1=1 platform enables the credit bureau to offer this service to more than one client, meaning multiple financial institutions can access the register.

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Verify Solution

Improving lender confidence.

GenKey’s verification devices are handheld tablets, suitable for any point-of-sale location. Within seconds, a customer’s biometric identity is verified, providing the financial institution with an instant ID profile linked to the customer’s credit report. With the information displayed side-by-side, the lender has a greater awareness of who they’re dealing with, reducing the risk of fraud and increasing the processing time of applications.

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