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Enroll Solution

Capturing high quality data.

Our Enroll Solution streamlines the process of registering healthcare members. Using GenKey’s Enrollment software, an operator scans a member’s fingerprints, takes biographic information and prints an ID card. The whole process takes just seven minutes. Each Smart ID card contains the member’s biometric and biographic information, stored securely as a barcode or a chip. They’re tamper-proof and can be customized to the health scheme’s brand.

To date, our Enroll Solution has registered over 7.5 million healthcare members for Ghana’s National Health Insurance Scheme, handling over 40,000 registrations a day.

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1=1 Solution

Managing the member database.

Before an ID card can be issued during the enrollment process, each member’s biometric data is checked against the central database. GenKey’s 1=1 Solution provides reliable deduplication, removing any double entries from the register and ensuring that one member = one ID. All data is securely held, with systems for updating, retrieving and maintaining the data of each member registered.

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Verify Solution

Linking the patient to the claim.

When a patient seeks treatment, GenKey’s Verify Solution does two essential jobs. Firstly, it tells the healthcare provider that they’re treating the right person. And, secondly, it generates a unique 13-digit Claim Verification Code (CVC). This code is a vital proof of presence, telling the insurer that the patient was actually there when the claim was made. The unique CVC is added to the member’s health insurance claim form, making it much harder for a health practitioner to submit a false medical claim.

A patient’s health details can be added to their ID card, helping to minimize fraud by identity theft and providing better patient profiling for healthcare providers. A patient’s visit data can also be transmitted to the insurer’s central system, for better member and benefit management.

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