Social Protection for vulnerable households.

Enroll Solution

Creating a Social Register.

The aim of any Social Register is to identify, classify and target households that are eligible for social assistance. Each member of a household is registered, capturing their biographic, biometric and socio-economic data. During the enrollment process, the member is assigned a Unique Member Number (UMN). This is immediately linked to the household grouping in the Social Register. Registering members happens on a continuous basis, especially necessary in countries with high levels of migration.

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1=1 Solution

Managing the Social Register.

GenKey’s 1=1 Solution acts as central hub that manages the Social Register, constantly maintaining and updating the data. It runs a continuous deduplication check, powered by GenKey’s ABIS, ensuring that every registered ID is unique. Following deduplication a Unique Member Number (UMN) is generated. It’s used to classify households according to their needs and assign them to the appropriate rights and benefits. Via the UMN, multiple government departments and agencies are able to retrieve and update the Social Register.

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Verify Solution

The right benefit to the right members.

Our biometric tablets enable members to authenticate who they are and access social assistance across a range of services, including schemes like ‘Cash for Work’ and ‘Cash Transfer’.

Using the tablets, trained operators can easily access the Social Register to validate, accept or reject members applying for benefits. Tablets can be configured to the needs of each agency, with clear roles and permissions for access and updates. They can also be integrated with payment processes, for money transfers or direct payments. Our Verify Solution supports online and offline verification.

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