Vacancy for a (Junior/Senior) Software Developer

Vacancy for a (Junior/Senior) Software Developer

November 22, 2022


About GenKey

There are over 1.5 billion people that have no legal identity. GenKey’s mission is to give an identity to millions of people that don’t have one. GenKey is active in this fascinating high-tech environment and is purpose-driven. As a biometric expert, it delivers a full range of Digital Identity Solutions, mainly used by governments such as biometric registration of citizens and biometric de-duplication – ensuring each citizen appears only once in a national registry, a process based only on the fingerprint information gathered during the registration process.

Some references: provision of the biometric solution for the national elections in Ghana, Tanzania, Mozambique; for the national health insurance funds in Kenya, Ghana, for social protections programs etc. With over 100 million of citizens biometrically enrolled and identities verified with GenKey’s solutions. GenKey has a proud reputation in supporting developing economies in their need to build sustainable biometric identity solutions. GenKey operates globally, with offices in Europe, India and Africa.


About the Job and the Team

You will be part of a small team based out of Eindhoven dedicated to one of our key and high-end products, called ABIS (see below). As a software developer you will be responsible for extending and maintaining the product functionalities as part of our continuous deployment cycle. Eventually, you may also interface with a team in Ghana that will extend the test framework required for the new updates and make short trips to countries to support for the deployments of the product.

The key product you will be working on is ABIS, a “deduplication” solution software. This software allows to find duplicates (persons registered several times) based on fingerprints comparison within, for example, an entire country’s population. ABIS is a backend server application and has a web application as dashboard. Due to the ability to handle large populations (for example 20 million citizens with each person 10 fingerprints which results in 2*1014 fingerprint comparisons), ABIS can be deployed on multiple servers with many threads in parallel, which makes it a complex product. The product runs on a Linux environment and uses containers orchestrated by Kubernetes, which are also controlled by the test framework during testing.

The product is written in Java, and uses a series of development environments such as Maven, Bash, Angular, Git, Artifactory, VSC and Jira. The test environment uses Jenkins and TestBDD; and the databases used are PostgreSQL and ElasticSearch. As the product is handling biometric data, security is always a focal point.


Job requirements


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You are interested? Please send a mail to:

Remark: if you are not able to travel to Eindhoven at least 2 days per week, your application will not be considered and we will not answer you.

About GenKey.

GenKey are experts in biometrics. Together with partners they provide a full range of digital biometric identity products, used by governments, public institutions and businesses. With over 100 million identities verified, GenKey have a proud reputation in supporting developing economies in their need to build sustainable biometric identity solutions. GenKey operate globally, with offices in Europe, Africa and the US.

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