GenKey integrates ABIS with MOSIP

GenKey integrates ABIS with MOSIP

June 10, 2022

Eindhoven, Accra, Chicago

Over the years, governments have been exploring the development of multi-purpose foundational ID systems, where they can assign unique identifiers to citizens for identity assertion and verification, to be used by these citizens to access a wide variety of public and private sector services. This exploration has resulted in the development of a platform called MOSIP.

The Modular Open-Source Identity Platform (MOSIP), an open-source project funded by philanthropic grants, was created to facilitate cost-effective, secure, and transparent identity platforms and technologies that governments and identity issuers use to provide identity services to their stakeholders. The platform has opened the opportunity for nations to build bespoke identity systems with architectural modules and enjoy the flexibility of implementing the configuration of their system with open-source software to avoid vendor lock-in. MOSIP leverages open-source capabilities while adhering to best practices in scalability, security, and privacy.

We at GenKey, a renowned global leader in biometrics and identity management, in collaboration with the MOSIP team have developed an integrated, open environment for our identity platforms to be easily accessible. We have integrated our highly efficient ABIS technology with this open-source platform, creating a robust and unique system that we now call ABIS-MOSIP. The ABIS integration process with MOSIP has exuded improved interface definitions and management of many exceptional cases for both systems.

This includes the improvement of the standard ABIS interface, making it more efficient and future-proof.

Our initiative to integrate ABIS with MOSIP is indicative of our commitment to providing secure, robust, and cost-effective digital identities for everyone. We are encouraged by the effort of the open-source community to build a standardized, free digital identity management framework that supports our primary goal, and we are proud to be a part of it.

“We are very pleased to announce this compliance and provision of our experience of ABIS to MOSIP and help them to improve the interface definitions.”Michiel Loeff, GenKey CEO

“We are glad to welcome another ABIS partner that has a compliant interface – this will help to further adoption in Africa and other regions. Getting on with GenKey’s ABIS team, we have been able to improve the interface definitions and explore many ‘special cases’ that one only learns when solutions have been widely deployed.”– MOSIP Team

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