GenKey introduces biometric verification in Ivory Coast with its BioHASH® technology

GenKey introduces biometric verification in Ivory Coast with its BioHASH® technology

January 5, 2021

Eindhoven, Accra, Chicago.

GenKey, a trusted provider of biometric identification solutions, is delivering secured and protected biometric national ID cards to all the citizens of the Ivory Coast, supporting the country’s efforts to effectively digitize the identification systems of its citizens. The ID cards, delivered by the main contractor Semlex, are in full compliance with the ECOWAS Biometric ID Card program which sets a standard for a new generation of eID documents to facilitate the movements of the 350 million citizens of the 15 countries constituting the ECOWAS zone. The ECOWAS biometric ID card aims at providing maximum protection against fraud and identity theft while offering interoperability with existing national systems.

Standard chip memories in ePassports and eIDs digitally (and conventionally) store fingerprint biometric images in Data Group 3 (DG 3) of its memory data groups. The use of biometric identity checks with DG 3 is however limited due to border crossings and the complex PKI-based security measures associated with the data group, limiting the practical use of fingerprint verification in the public and private sectors. GenKey approached storing the biometric credentials in DG 13 (optional details), with the application of its BioHASH® to all captured fingerprints. This procedure prevents the storage of captured biometric images onto a card and allows for a public download of secured BioHASH® codes retrieved from DG 13 of the ID cards for various verification purposes. This procedure does not make use of PKI structures and is geared toward a more privacy-enhancing approach to storing of biometrics of individuals.

GenKey’s BioHASH® is a radically different approach to storing and comparing biometric information. GenKey’s BioHASH® generates a reproducible, stable code from any captured biometric image, and allows for verification without reference to the original biometric image. BioHASH® is GenKey’s privacy-by-design implementation of Biometric Template Protection, which conforms to ISO 24745. The core approach is storing Biometric Templates in such a format that it is impossible to reverse engineer the original biometrics from the stored template. GenKey has worked on this innovative & industry-leading technology since 2001 and has successfully reached many milestones with its implementation.

GenKey’s CEO, Michiel Loeff, had this to say, “It’s incredible how the application of our BioHASH® technology vastly improves the safety and security of the biometrics of individuals we work with.” Stephan Delforge, the newly appointed CEO of Semlex Europe added, “This privacy-by-design approach to storing and verifying biometric information pioneers the next level in identity security and the standards in the protection of biometric data, providing a much more efficient way to provide ID verification.

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