We're pioneers in biometrics.

The next generation of biometric data security.

In traditional biometric ID management, sensitive biometric data is vulnerable to cyber attack. GenKey’s approach is different.

A stored BioHASH® template is created by application of a one-way encryption operation which removes the need to store the source biometric data from which it derives. It offers unprecedented levels of biometric data security that can also be used for offline verification.


The original biometric templates are never stored, so the data can’t be stolen.


BioHASH® codes are revocable if they are lost or deleted through a security breach.

A code for every use

One biometric template can generate multiple codes, each assigned to a different purpose.

No function creep

Each BioHASH® code only be used for its assigned purpose.


Compliant with ISO/IEC, the international standard for biometric data protection.

Multiple applications

Supports a range of applications, including mobile, proof of presence and PIN generation.

Speed meets intelligence.

To deliver high quality biometric identities at scale, you need a system that’s both seriously smart and super fast. GenKey’s ABIS is one of the fastest in the industry, and it’s equipped with intelligent features that improve accuracy and reliability.


Relentless innovation.

GenKey is an industry leader for biometric innovation. Through our dedicated R&D teams in Chicago and Eindhoven, we’re continuously improving our technologies and developing new functionalities.

39 patents granted across 11 patent families

R&D teams in Chicago and Eindhoven’s High Tech Campus

Continuous investment in innovation.

Pioneers in biometrics since 2001.

Tech you can trust.

GenKey’s technology meets the most stringent international standards and certifications for biometric data exchange, matching and protection.

Our BioHASH® technology hashes the data, creating encrypted codes that can’t be linked back to the source. The original data isn’t stored, so it can’t be hacked. The result: unprecedented levels of biometric data security.

Data security

Our BioHASH® technology complies with ISO/IEC 24745, the highest standard for biometric data privacy and security

Fingerprint matching

We received MINEX / PFT II certification for the performance and interoperability of our BioFinger® fingerprint-matching SDK.

Fingerprint exchange

Our fingerprint image exchange algorithm meets requirements for FBI’s WSQ certification, an internationally recognized standard for accuracy.

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