GenKey and Iris ID Announce Integrated, Multimodal Biometric Solutions

GenKey and Iris ID Announce Integrated, Multimodal Biometric Solutions

February 19, 2019

Multimodal biometric platform with iris recognition offers extensive options for digital identification and authentication

Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

GenKey, a trusted provider of biometric identification solutions, and Iris ID, a leading global provider of iris recognition today announced the integration of iris recognition cameras and matching engine into GenKey’s biometric ID platform, to provide an all-in-one solution for various biometric registration and verification initiatives.

Iris ID’s iCAM TD100 and iCAM T10 cameras and IrisAccelerator matching engine have been integrated into GenKey’s ID solutions. GenKey’s ID platform has helped many governments and organizations to improve inclusivity, reduce fraud and improve time and cost efficiencies. IrisID, the world’s most deployed iris recognition platform, provides advanced security and privacy, which further enhances GenKey’s ID platform.

“GenKey’s ID platform is being used to identify and verify millions of people in several countries worldwide,” said Arnd Langguth, Chief Operating Officer, GenKey. “We are experts in fingerprint biometrics, but our ID platform has been designed for multi-modality. Our customers expect proven, secure, high performance, that is why we choose IrisID. IrisID’s IrisAccelerator will plug-in seamlessly into our ID platform.”.

The Iris ID technology provides a fast, accurate and non-contact method of capturing citizens’ biometrics, identifying people and detecting duplicates. Iris ID authentication systems are used worldwide for access control, time and attendance checks, national ID programs, border crossings, voter registration, and many other applications. The company’s solutions are currently being used by public and private organizations across Africa and on five other continents.

Mohammed Murad, vice president of global sales and business development, Iris ID said the company’s technology is a natural fit with GenKey. “Our cameras are unaffected by dirt, grease, gloves, facial hair and other factors that can limit the quality of registration and identity verification of other biometric systems.” he said. “In addition to its speed and accuracy, our software has been proven to be highly effective for deduplication – the elimination of multiple registrations by the same person. The integration into Genkey’s ID platform now offers full deduplication on both modalities.”

GenKey’s ID platform is designed for capturing biographic and biometric data of individuals in small to large-scale registrations and ensuring that each subject stored is unique. Besides its standard registration, verification and reporting modules, the software has customized modules for biometric voter verification, election management and biometric member verification for healthcare, and other use cases.

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