GenKey’s ABIS 3.5 offers enhanced security against data breaches

GenKey’s ABIS 3.5 offers enhanced security against data breaches

August 29, 2018

Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Ahead of its participation in the Global AIDF Forum, GenKey, a leading technology company with multiple patents in biometrics, today announced release 3.5 of its ABIS system, designed for small and large-scale biometric identification and deduplication. This latest release introduces important security enhancements, further hardening the system against attacks from the outside and from within.

Governments, public institutions, and private organizations are adopting stricter privacy and security measures to protect the data of their citizens or customers in response to stringent legislation and increasing cyber-attacks. GenKey recognizes this and has strengthened its ABIS through advanced encryption algorithms.

According to Alty van Luijt, Executive Director of Research and Development, “The new ABIS uses state-of-the-art, certificate-based encrypted database communication such that access to the system is possible only from devices that have the proper certificate and eavesdropping on the communication with ABIS 3.5 is prevented”. Furthermore, the ABIS internal network has received additional protection by using firewalls on the nodes in the ABIS system, thwarting data compromise from within the system. All those measures significantly reduce the risk of security and data breaches with ABIS 3.5.

In addition to the enhanced security features, ABIS 3.5 also comes with a brand-new dashboard allowing in-depth monitoring and querying the ABIS system, giving information on system performance, system health, statistics, etc. The certificate-based encrypted communication between dashboard clients and ABIS 3.5 as well as the other security features have been designed to provide the ultimate protection of individuals’ identity and data.

Arnd Langguth, COO of GenKey, said “A dashboard allowing an in-depth view on a running an ABIS system has been shown to be indispensable in practical deployments. But this should never go at the cost of ensuring the privacy and security of individuals’ identity information which is becoming ever more critical in today’s interconnected world. This new release uses future-proof technologies to deliver secure authentication whether in the cloud or offline.  As a company that has privacy-by-design as it’s guiding principle, we have brought ABIS to a high level that we can be proud of”.

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